Spirituality and Transsexuals
Though no one would choose to be what we are, it is a rare Human Being that knows truly who their friends are.
To know that we respect each other for not what we have become, but for becoming what we always were.
To display courage rather than to wish for it
To wear our souls rather than to bury them in a mantle of misery
To know kindred spirits rather than to hope for them
To feel the prescience of something greater than ourselves rather than to pray for it
To never be alone for we are all a sisterhood and brotherhood who share a unique experience
To be what we are is not a curse

It is an honor




This is an area that I have found to be very important.  One of the most common 
reasons for transsexuals to be separated from their families is the belief that there
is something in Christianity that proscribes this condition.  I do not claim to be fluent 
in the gospel.  I do not think a being such as Jesus who cleansed lepers, was accepting
of Mary Magdalene, and took a murderer  into paradise with him when he was crucified,
would judge us harshly.   I have found the best source for information in this is at 
Dr. Becky Allisons website,  drbecky.com

I have included a essay from my friend Dr Jennifer Burnett discussing a theological Christian answer for those struggling with the perceived conflict between transsexualism and the Holy Bible.  It is well researched from someone who carries in her heart
what she commits to paper.  She has titled it The Answer.

Pat Robinson answers a Transsexual who is transitioning--Pat Robinson's Answer

Position of the Catholic Church is listed in the following.  Of all the major religions, I have found the Catholic Church to be the most intolerant.  I consider this to be most unfortunate--Position of the Catholic ChurchI have been appropriately reminded that 
there are very accepting parishes in Portland and I have included those in Religious Associations and Information.

Below is the link with churches and religious institutions in the Portland Area that I have personally found to be tolerant to the transgendered

Religious Associations and Information