Support Groups
         Metropolitan Community Church


Very trans friendly church


       Northwest Gender Alliance




The Northwest Gender Alliance is a non-profit, social, educational, and support group serving the transgender community in Oregon and Southwest Washington.  They welcome cross-dressers, transgender, transsexuals (both male-to-female and female-to-male), Intersexed individuals, their families, friends, supporters, and caring professionals.  Membership is $45 per year.  The NWGA meets the Second Saturday of each month at the City Church of Portland, downstairs in the basement. 3830 SE 62nd, just South of Powell. And  meets  at Grandmas every other month now on 3rd Tuesday night at Grandma's, which is at 41st and Holgate. We will be there
contact: mailing address:  NWGA
                                        PO Box 4928
                                        Portland, Oregon  97208  

McMinnville Support Group
Meets 1st and 3rd Monday at the First Baptist Church in McMinnville, Oregon at First and Cowels.    Contact   Michael Vincent,   ph. 503-434-7295 or Alexis Kindred  503-472-1888 confirm meeting times before going.

Trans Support Group
Meets Tuesday evenings at Reid Vanderburgh's office at 1020 SW Taylor,
Suite 620, Portland, Oregon.  Sliding scale $15-25/ week.  Call his office
at 503-341-7001. His website has some wonderful links.

University Methodist Church
Meets  4th Thursday of each month from 7-9 PM at University Methodist
Church 4775 N. Lombard in North Portland.  Contact number is 503-287-0731

Metropolitan Community Church
FTM support group meets 6:30-7:30 PM  every Friday at 29th and Belmont, Portland.
No contact number as of this date--check with church

MTF group meets 7:00-9:00 Wednesday.  No contact number ant this time.  I believe it is run by Jennifer

GLT Group at the Portland Train Station
Meets at train station at the Portland Train station at 6:30 PM on Wednesday 1st and 3rd weeks
of each month.  Contact number Jamie Bolyard 503-227-0605


Trans Identity Resource Center
Located at Outside in for gender identity investigation.


FTM, International
160 -14th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.  phone number  (415)553-5987.
Welcome to FTM International

FTM International Magazine


FTM Talk and Support Group is an adult group designed to bring FTMs and their Allies together for activities, events, discussions, networking, meeting other couples and singles. Every member is encouraged to actively participate in the group. We want this group to be a safe place for members to meet each other, find others to date, have discussions, etc.

Membership is open to FTMs & Allies who live in, visit, or plan to move to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia.

Membership requires the completion of a short questionnaire
Group is moderated by Craig in Portland & Christa in Seattle.

Coqsure List

FTM Info Network

Ann Vitale Newsletter-- A culling of news pertaining to transsexuals around the world.  This is an excellent source of information in the world for Transgendered individuals. Dr. Vitale is no longer producing  the letter but the archives are available

On-Line Support for Trans Families and Spouses




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