Hair Removal

There are  two main techniques of hair removal in Male to Female Transsexuals.  Electrolysis has been around for about 100 years.  It is slow requiring about 150-400 hours of time to remove a medium growth beard.   Laser treatments vary in success depending on the type of laser and the skill of the operator.   The individuals listed below are professionals that I personally or  through direct comments from patients have found to be competent and compassionate towards transgendered individuals. It is by no means a complete list of persons in Portland and the Metropolitan Area that I  perform excellent service.   Omission of a name does not imply a lack of  skill or compassion towards the Transgendered.  I  believe that since successful    passage is highly dependant on eliminating or reducing the presence of the male beard,  that a combination of  an initial clearing of the face using a skillfully applied laser followed by electrolysis may offer the quickest and best hope for a  feminine     appearance.   Additional info see Susan's Link

 An excellent topical called "Electrolysis Cream" is made by the
Professional Plaza 102 Pharmacy.  It is 6% leidocaine, 6% tetracaine, 20% benzocaine, 10% DMSO and a compound called PLO gel
"The Compounding Specialists"
149 NE 102 102nd
Portland, Oregon

Another alternative is Ela-Max which is available without prescription
ELA-Max Anesthetic for Electrolysis



I also do Marcaine (an injectable anesthetic)  blocks in my office which blocks the nerves to the area being treated.  The Marcaine lasts 6-10 hours depending  on blood supply to the area.  This is done only in my Milwaukie Office and is not covered by insurance.   

All of the individuals below do excellent work and very compassionate towards transgendered                                                                                                                                                               


Electrologists Laser Hair Removal

Wendy Dillon
also does Makeup, pre and post
SRS Electrolysis
Delicate Touch Esthetics &
Rose City Park Acupuncture &
Natural Health Center
6034 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR  97213


Arianna Eisenons CPE
1435 NW 23rd Ave
Suite 203
Portland, Oregon   97210

Diane Kendall
Mt View Professional Ctr.
Oregon City, Oregon 9704

Jaimee  T . Bloom
1017 SW Morrison
Fine Arts Building
Portland, Oregon

Brenda Cox
1815 NW Flanders STE.
Portland, Or




Gordon Betts, MD
10365 SE Sunnyside
Clackamas, Oregon 97015